Medical Illustration: Kinesin protein 3D animated GIF by John Liebler


We specialize in cellular and
molecular imagery.

Art of the Cell works with medical, educational, healthcare marketing agencies, publishing, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies to create stunning MOAs, MODs, molecular 3D visualizations and illustrations that explain the complexity of science with the power of art.

Our Services

• Licensing of stock images for web and print use
• 3D medical animation videos
• 3D illustrations
• Creative consultation and art direction
• Music and sound consultation

Typical uses for 3D illustration and video animation:

• Mechanism of drug/ device action
• (MOA/MOD Animation/Video)
• Explanation of disease pathways
• Physician and patient education videos
• Marketing videos
• Training videos
• Print materials
• Interactive media
• Tradeshow exhibits
• iPhone and iPad apps
• DVDs
• Trade show media
• PowerPoint presentations
• Broadcast video
• Website graphics
• Print advertising and brochures
• Interactive educational programs