Happy Holidays!

When I’m supposed to be not hard at work creating molecular and cellular art, I can often be found playing the ukulele. Studies have shown that playing the ukulele dramatically increases the risk of UAS, or Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. UAS manifests itself in the insatiable need to own “just one more” ukulele. Here, envisioned for the first time, is the viral capsid of this insidious disease. The UAS virion is similar in appearance to that of Guitar Acquisition Syndrome but it is smaller and carries two fewer strands of viral RNA. Despite similarities, sufferers of UAS are quick to point out that UAS is not merely a smaller or “toy” version of GAS.

Symptoms of UAS infection include:

  • Playing the ukulele
  • Continuing to play the ukulele even after being asked to stop
  • Searching eBay for the term “ukulele” more than once per hour
  • Saying “I’m only going to buy this one, and maybe one more, then I’m done…”
    or “I need one of these because it has a different tuning/headstock/woodgrain pattern than my others…”

Although the symptoms of UAS can be moderated in some cases, through the application of strings, tuners, or other ukulele accessories, There. Is. No. Cure.

🙂 Happy, Happy, Joy! Joy! See you in the New Year!





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