Medical Animation Workflow

It all starts with your vision…

You have an idea, a scientific concept you wish to explain, or a medical device to present to the world with 3D animation…

Medical Animation

Stage 1: Pre Production

After you contact us about a project, we’ll schedule an initial meeting and discuss the details: your goals, timeline, and the review process.

Each project is guided by the Project Manager who is a liaison between the client and the animation team. The Project Manager is the main contact and coordinates proposals, meetings, edits, scheduling and budget.


Stage 2: Production

The Script

The script is a key element in every animation and determines the scope, timing, and budget for your project. We offer complete script writing services, or we can consult on a script you provide. Our goal is to make the content clear, and create a natural flow for the visuals.

130-140 spoken words per minute is a good rule of thumb for a comfortable, understandable pace.


The Storyboard / Animatic

A storyboard is a series of still pictures/drawings that corresponds to each and every shot in your script.
A rough read of the script will be made for timing purposes, and the images will be sequenced to it, creating a slideshow version of your animation. This moving storyboard makes it very easy to see if there are problems with the storytelling before a lot of detailed work has been done. Once the animatic is approved it becomes the framework for the animation to come.


Models and Environments

Still images will be prepared of each of the models and environments for the project. The overall look and feel of the animation will be determined at this stage (texture, lighting and color scheme).


3D Animation Stages


Approved models will be animated in their environments, replacing the storyboard stills in the timeline. Some shots may be incomplete at this stage or not rendered at full resolution, but we aim to have this version be as close to the final as we can get it.

Revised Draft:

Here is where we correct any errors which may have slipped into the animation, or fix elements of the story that may still be unclear.

Final Animation:

The finished product at full resolution. All revisions have been made, and the animation is ready for use on your website, marketing video, tradeshow etc.


Voice Over, Music and Sound Effects

As the animation nears completion, the finalized script will be recorded by a professional voice over artist, and original music and sound effects will be added by our sound engineer.


Inevitable Tweaks

In a perfect world, there are no more changes after Final Delivery, but in reality we know that sometimes there will be just that one thing that’s not quite the right shade of perfect, and needs to be fixed.

We want you to be happy, and we want to produce the best work possible, so we are glad to work with you to make that happen.