Art of the Cell is a medical video animation and scientific stock illustration company led by John Liebler, best know for his work as lead animator of “The Inner Life of the Cell”, a world-famous medical video created for Harvard Biovisions, that was “perhaps the pivotal moment for molecular animations…” ~ Erik Olsen of the New York Times, Science Times.

John Liebler

Watch “The Inner Life of the Cell”

“Created over a two-year period by a pair of Harvard scientists and a single 3D animator, John Liebler, “The Inner Life of the Cell” established a dramatic, cinematic look for educational scientific visualizations.”

Watch Our 3D Medical Demo Reel

Beneath our everyday world there is a miniature universe of cells, trillions of tiny worlds, unseen and beautiful. Here is our latest  3D medical demo reel, including clips from many of the projects we’ve worked on, such as “Biology:How Life Works”, and “The Inner Life of the Cell”. We hope that you enjoy this two and a half minute tour of the Art of the Cell.

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3D medical video and scientific illustrations:

• pharmaceutical MOA and MOD
• biotech
• medical device illustrations
• healthcare marketing collateral
• university text books
• patient education materials
• science and medical technology publishing